Environmental Evaluation Unit

The Environmental Evaluation Unit (EEU) is an independent, self-funded research, consulting and training unit based at the University of Cape Town. Founded in 1985, the EEU has established itself as a leader in the field of sustainable development and integrated environmental management, responding to local, regional and global environmental challenges using interdisciplinary and participatory approaches. During this time, the EEU has undertaken work across South Africa, in the African region and internationally; has participated in local and global research and policy initiatives; and has provided expertise, locally and internationally, to research institutions, planning and development organisations, industry, state departments, civil society organisations, local authorities and communities.

In a world facing rapid environmental change, conflicts over dwindling natural resources and crises of economic, social and ecological sustainability, our work is increasingly focused on enhancing understanding of the governance of complex human-ecological systems through collaborative interdisciplinary research across natural resource sectors. In collaboration with a wide variety of stakeholders, especially vulnerable communities, and in diverse locations, we seek to understand and identify practical and innovative means of linking economic development with social justice and environmental stewardship, within a framework of accountable and participatory governance. Social responsiveness is thus at the core of the EEU's mission and methodology, and we place strong emphasis on working with communities directly reliant on natural resources.

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